Apartments Ulcinj

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Panorama apartments: 41.923514, 19.210753
Wiena apartments Ulcinj: 41.922780, 19.209723
Hodzic apartments Ulcinj: 41.930475, 19.206462
Molabeciri rooms Ulcinj: 41.931928, 19.208930
Romance apartments Ulcinj: 41.909911, 19.234700
Sars apartments Ulcinj: 41.927027, 19.208736
Tati apartments Ulcinj: 41.928224, 19.200604
Amir apartments Ulcinj: 41.915659, 19.241052
Baja apartments Ulcinj: 41.926356, 19.209723
Blue Star apartments Ulcinj: 41.913839, 19.245987
Divanovic apartments Ulcinj: 41.908952, 19.282765
Eneida apartments Ulcinj: 41.926795, 19.196366
Marco apartments Ulcinj: 41.923938, 19.207470
Medina apartments Ulcinj: 41.923850, 19.216075
Mirso apartments Ulcinj: 41.927649, 19.201763
Prag apartments Ulcinj - Mala Plaza: 41.926085, 19.204295


Apartments name
Panorama apartments Ulcinj
Adress: Kosovska street, Pinjes bb, Ulcinj, Map

Panorama apartments Ulcinj are located in Ulcinj most beautiful sea view providing area providing sea view over the Adriatic Sea and over two Millenium old Old Town. Two parking places are provided, one in front and the other behind the building. restaurant of Panorama is also open for the guests of the hotel providing services of breakfast and dinner.

318.00 euro studio apartment/night


Doni holiday Ulcinj
Adress: Rt Djerane, Velika Plaza bb, Ulcinj, Map

Doni holiday apartments represent an summer holiday accommodation with an location on a very short distance to the longest sandy beach in Ulcinj, and not only, but in entire Adriatic eastern coast, the beach of Velika Plaza.

All of the rooms and also studio apartments and apartments are equipped with bathroom and fridge.

216.00 euro studio apartment/night


Hodzic apartments Ulcinj
Adress: Vida Matanovica, Meterizi bb, Ulcinj, Map

Hodzic apartments represents an holiday apartment building is located in Ulcinj center providing parking place in front of the building, but surounded by greenery. Parking place is not necesery to reserv upfront since it is enough place for all the rooms.

All the rooms and apartments are air-conditioned as well provide bathroom and fridge. Wi-Fi internet is also available and also is provided in entire building free of charge.

216.00 euro room/night


Molabeciri rooms Ulcinj
Adress: Ymer Prizreni bb, Ulcinj, Map

Accommodation located at the very center of vity of Ulcinj, near the main circle and very close distance from main attractions, connections, services, restaurants, markets, banks etc…

All the rooms are equipped with fridge and have service of Wi-Fi and parking are free of charge at the guests disposal.

216.00 euro room/night



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Hotels Ulcinj

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Ada Bojana Ulcinj: 41.864959, 19.342976
Hotel Albatros: 41.919188, 19.215946
Hotel Bellevue Ulcinj: 41.911507, 19.248004
Hotel Mediteran Ulcinj: 41.923483, 19.209423
Hotel Olympic Ulcinj: 41.910613, 19.247403
Palata Venezia Ulcinj: 41.923610, 19.201870
Hotel Riva Ulcinj: 41.924121, 19.204724


Hotels Name
Ada Bojana Ulcinj

Adress: Ada Bojana, Velika Plaza bb, Ulcinj, Map

Ada Bojana Ulcinj represents an isloated island dedicated and available for people who want to be in a direct contact and touch with nature. Many people call this island as an magical place and paradise on earth.

With it's 2 km long sandy beach and accommodation units (bungallows) which are on the vicinty of this beach, it is one of the most preferable places for nudists.

224,00 € person (from)


Riva hotel Ulcinj

Adress: Mala Plaza bb, Ulcinj, Map

Hotel Riva is one of the newst hotels in Ulcinj and with it's location just across the street from small Town sandy beach of Ulcinj. It repsents an classical beach hotel and with capacity of 40 rooms it is able to accommodate up to 100 persons.

Restaurant under the building is at the guests disposal and hotel provides services of breakfast and dinner there.

315,00 € person (from)


Olympic hotel Ulcinj

Adress: Velika Plaza bb, Ulcinj, Map

Hotel Olympic Ulcinj is located in Velika Plaza area representing an beach hotel resort. With it's capacity of over 600 beds is able to host large group of guests. Velika plaza is the largest sandy beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro and entire east side of Adriatic seacoast.

Hotel Olympic with it's distance close to most of the city attractions and services such as: beach 150 m, beach bar 150 m, restaurants 150 m, post office 200 m, ambulance 200 m, Old Town 5 km, bus station 4 km.

226,00 € person (from)


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